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storytelling is the best marketing

Storytelling is an Art Form

We tell stories. It’s at the root of everything we do.


It can be through an Instagram video or a broadcast commercial.  We help you create an event, a branding campaign or a new product launch. We craft it, hone it and ultimately, make your audience appreciate and remember your message. 

Storytelling is an Art Form

We Work Backwards

Consider us your GPS to a successful project. We work backwards. We ask you what you want your audience to think, feel and do. And we go from there. We work within time and budget constraints. We anticipate roadblocks. 


We collaborate and care . . . a lot. And then we deliver.

We Work Backwards

We Love Ideas

Great ideas can come from anyone at any time and any place.


So when we’re in the development part of any project, we listen. We probe. We explore the “what ifs” that pop up in meetings, in texts, even in the middle of the night. 

We Love Ideas

Your Storytelling Team

Mary Hannon.jpg

Mary Hannon

Producer, Editor

I oversee video editing, marketing and project management.  I stay with our clients from the very first meeting until the bittersweet end.


Michele M. Davis

Marketing Director

I am a change agent. I am a creative strategist. I am a classically trained singer. And  I am a self professed brand geek.

Jodi_no background.png

Jodi Daley


I direct, produce, budget, edit, coddle, fix, write, re-write, coach, train, mentor and never mince words.


Sayle Milne

Producer, Wine Educator

I am the "ideas" person. Give me the pertinent info and let the brainstorming begin. Just stop me if I start talking so fast you can't keep up.





Educational & Industrial

Educational & Industrial

Our Valued Partners

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Some of Our Amazing Clients

Our Valuable Partners
Our Amazing Clients

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